Employee Emergency Assistance

Employee Emergency Assist:

We continue our efforts to be an Employer of Choice by partnering with Risk Solutions International (RSI), a provider of emergency assistance services.

24-hour assistance is available in the event of any roadside, home, or medical emergency.

This benefit will be communicated over two weeks due to the sheer number of benefits available to Brolink employees.

To access the assist services, call RSI on 0861 111 774 and provide them with your full name, identity number, and Brolink employee number.



Home Assist:

  • Home assist for a qualified locksmith, plumber, electrician, or glazier to attend to your emergency.
  • The call-out fee plus one hour’s labour up to R1 000 will be covered.
  • Limited to 3 incidents per annum.
  • Referrals for preferred service providers and experts to assist with any of your other home renovations, repairs or services is also available.


Medical Assist:

Medical assistance during an emergency is as follows:

  • Emergency Medical Response & Transportation

Following a medical emergency, we will arrange road or air transport to the closest appropriate medical facility (up to NRPL rates).

  • Escorted Return of Minors

If minor children are stranded as a result of your hospitalization, they will be transported, under supervision, into the care of a nominated person.

  • Compassionate Visits

If, as a result of a medical emergency, you are hospitalised outside of your hometown for more than five days, we will arrange for a close relative to visit you and pay for their travel costs, up to a maximum amount of R2 000.

  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

In the event of your death outside of your hometown, but within the borders of South Africa, we will assist with the necessary formalities (and cover costs up to R20 000) for the transportation of your mortal remains to your hometown, anywhere in South Africa.

  • Guaranteed Hospital Admission

Following emergency medical transportation, we will arrange a guarantee of R5 000 with the hospital, to ensure swift admittance. The R5 000 is only used as a guarantee at the time of admittance and will be reclaimed from your medical aid.