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20 Oct

VACANCY: commercial underwriter

Brolink is a leading provider of insurance administration services, providing a comprehensive range of insurance products from South Africa’s top insurers. Our portfolio includes personal insurance, commercial insurance as well as niche products such as agriculture, transport, engineering and aviation. As a short term insurance administrator, Brolink provides a dedicated service to professional brokers in delivering on their

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12 Oct

Brolink facilitates insurance innovation, partners with Pineapple

Technology is driving change across the globe. Businesses in all sectors either have to pioneer and keep up, or maintain the status quo and get left behind. Brolink’s commitment to digital transformation is certainly evidence of the former and is in line with the company’s strategy to be the partner of choice for insurers and

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11 Sep

Brolink gets agile for PPS

Have you ever heard of a software project that’s been delivered in less than half the estimated time? That’s what happened recently when Brolink applied the Agile software project management approach to a job it was working on for PPS. Instead of using the expected year-and-a-half to develop a process automation system, Brolink was able

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24 Jul

Brolink announces updates to Websure interface

When Brolink launched Websure fifteen years ago it was one of the first South African insurers to provide a web-based user interface for all of its functionality. Brolink was also one of the first South African companies to use credit scores for insurance premium rating, and, ten years ago, the insurer became the first company

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16 May

Santam awards Brolink top honour

The image above shows Andrew Coutts (Santam), Hendrik Heyns (Brolink) and Daniel Stevens (Santam).  In the annual Santam broker roadshow that took place recently, Brolink achieved a top award. As an administration business who services the broker and banking market in South Africa, Brolink are honoured to have been given this nod of approval by

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11 May

Kush Padia – New Chief Financial Officer

Dear Brolink Colleagues I am extremely happy to announce the appointment of Kush Padia effective 20 April 2017, as Chief Financial Officer at Brolink. Kush Padia is a Chartered Accountant by qualification. He studied his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Johannesburg, following which he joined Ernst and Young . While at Ernst

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10 Mar

See your business through 2017

The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to give your business insurance portfolio a good review and clean-up. When you’re in the thick of running your business, and tending to day-to-day work responsibilities, it’s easy to leave aspects such as insurance simply to ‘tick’ over, but that could leave you compromised as your

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06 Mar

Short-Term Insurance Premium Collection – Now and in Future

There appears to be some confusion regarding the collection of short-term insurance premiums. This is understandable, given the various amendments to the STIA, the implementation of the Financial Sector Regulation Act, the recent amendments to the regulations and comments made regarding certain proposals in the Retail Distribution Review Updates.

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02 Mar

How to estimate your start-up costs

When starting your own business, you don’t need millions to make millions. The Big Blue retail chain started as a flea market stall; while billion rand sport supplement business USN was launched from a kitchen. What you need is a clear picture of the costs of doing business, so you don’t experience cash flow problems

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