Junior RPA Developer

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Junior Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer to join our Risk and Marketing Department. The ideal candidate will possess experience in both application development and robotic process automation and is expected to play a pivotal role within our team. The primary focus of this role will be on RPA for designated projects, while concurrently applying application development expertise to additional initiatives. This position offers a stimulating chance to engage with a varied array of projects, significantly contributing to the optimization and automation of business processes. The role is based in Centurion.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Design and create robotic process automation (RPA) processes throughout the project development phase.
• Create, align to, and maintain Industry Best practice and/or Brolink’s Developer Standards regarding development and RPA best practices.
• Explore and document optimal alternative solutions for future development endeavours.
• Implement and test integrations with other systems within the workflow.
• Follow process definition documentation provided by business.
• Build proof of concept solutions for business review.
• Create and maintain solution design documentation.
• Assist in maintaining current processes and incorporate change requests within a structured change control framework.
• Troubleshoot find solutions for problems that occur during daily bot operations.
• Acquire knowledge and build personalized utility bots.
• Record and illustrate solutions through the creation of documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, and similar materials.

Minimum Requirements:
•Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent combination of education and work experience.

Work Experience
Minimum Requirements:
•1 or more years of application development experience
•Familiar with Microsoft Power Automate RPA Tool.
•Familiar with object-oriented programming (OOP) principles.
•Understanding of XML, JSON, HTML, and CSS.
•Experience with TFS, Azure, DevSecOps, and Git source code repository version control systems.
Preferably, in addition to the above:
•Good grasp of .NET, C#, Visual Basic, and MSSQL
•Additional experience with Microsoft Power Automate RPA Tool
•Power Automate certification.
•Previous UiPath experience.

UiPath developer certification.

Minimum Requirements:
•Basic understanding of the various phases of a software development life cycle;
•Good knowledge of software and product design principles, practices and patterns;
•Understanding of approach to software development;
•Familiar with testing principles;
•Ability to “see the bigger picture”, i.e. appreciate the business context in which the software will be deployed;
•Working in an Agile team/environment and related workflows/ toolsets.
Preferably, in addition to the above:
•To stay abreast of new technologies
•Innovative and out-the-box thinker

Attributes required for the position include but are not limited to:
•Adaptable: Being able to quickly adjust to new technologies, methodologies, and project requirements.
•Proactive: Taking initiative and identifying areas for improvement or new opportunities without waiting to be instructed to enhance the productivity the team.
•Resourceful: Finding creative solutions to challenges, whether they are technical issues or process improvements, demonstrates that the candidate has ability to think outside the box and drive innovation.
•Passionate: Having a genuine enthusiasm for technology and a strong desire to continually learn and improve can fuel motivation and inspire others on the team.
•Collaborative: Ability to work effectively within a team, leveraging the diverse skills and perspectives of colleagues to achieve common goals.
•Resilient: In a dynamic environment, setbacks and failures are inevitable. Being able to bounce back quickly, learn from mistakes, and persevere in the face of adversity is key to long-term success.
•Results-driven: Focusing on delivering high-quality work and tangible results, rather than just completing tasks, ensures that the team remains focused on its objectives and continually strives for excellence.
•Inquisitive: A natural curiosity and desire to explore new technologies, techniques, and ideas can lead to breakthrough innovations and keep the team at the forefront of industry trends.
•Excellent Communicator: Clear and effective communication is essential for sharing ideas, collaborating with team members, and ensuring alignment on project goals and priorities.
•Intrapreneurial Drive: Cultivating the mindset of a business owner within the team, serves as a catalyst for innovation and cultivates an intrapreneurial culture within the organization.

Brolink is a leading provider of insurance administration services, providing a comprehensive range of insurance products from South Africa’s top insurers. Our portfolio includes personal insurance, commercial insurance as well as niche products such as agriculture, transport, engineering, and aviation.
As a short-term insurance administrator, Brolink provides a dedicated service to professional brokers in delivering on their clients’ business or professional insurance needs.
Our mission is to connect brokers, insurers, policyholders and partners through our dynamic and innovative IT and expert people driven solutions. Our vision is to be the leading administrator and digital technology and integration platform provider for short-term insurance.

Applicants must have the following:
•Clear ITC
•Clear criminal record
•Excellent previous employment references.

Our values are Excellence, Integrity, Fairness, Innovation.

Qualified applicants are invited to apply by sending a CV to: HumanCapital@brolink.co.za before 24 May 2024.
Please note that this appointment will be made according to the company’s Employment Equity targets and strategy. Provided you are not contacted within 2 weeks of job application deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful.



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