Get more from your insurance

In light of the number of accidents on our roads, the necessity for vehicle insurance cannot be stressed enough.

However, there is a lot more to insurance than standard cover – and the benefits are considerable. The following value-adds can make a genuine difference to your life:

Key Cover. Did you know that most insurance policies cover you in the event of your keys being lost or stolen? This is an excellent additional benefit as it saves you outlaying a significant amount of money.

Cash Back. Receiving a percentage of the fees you’ve paid over a period of time can be a gift that arrives just when you need it most. Some people consider insurance a grudge purchase, but many insurance companies sweeten the deal by offering a cash-back bonus to claim-free clients.

Emergency Accommodation. Imagine your car breaking down while you’re away on a trip or somewhere else far from home. It’s an uncomfortable situation and one that often involves accommodation costs. When you’re in such a situation, a policy that includes having accommodation quickly and efficiently arranged for you is a very meaningful benefit. However, not all insurers offer this, so check with your advisors or insurer.

Car Hire. Coping without transport after your car has been damaged in an accident is a major frustration. Fortunately, if you have comprehensive insurance and have made provision for it in your policy, most insurance companies will arrange a “hire car”” for your use while your car is being repaired. It’s an option that is well worth having.

Arrive Alive. Drinking and driving is a bad combination, which is why most insurers include services to get you home safely. It’s a good idea to chat to your advisor to find out if this is included in your policy.

Roadside Assistance. Stuck on the side of the road because you’ve run out of petrol or broken down? No problem… if your insurer offers this benefit. Simply dial the emergency Roadside Assistance number of your insurance company and help will swiftly be on its way.

Your insurance is like a menu – you pick and choose what gives you maximum benefit and adds the most value to your life. Whether you’re reviewing your current policy or are obtaining insurance for the first time, be sure to ask your insurance advisor to go through the details of your policy with you. It’s the best way to ensure that you know exactly what you are covered for and which additional benefits you qualify for.

Source: Indwe Risk Services