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22 Nov

Never underestimate hacker power

Cyber specialists and IT professionals are modern-day pioneers, whose daily challenge is not to underestimate the threat from hackers to data – the bedrock of the modern commercial world.

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18 Nov

Business risks increasing

A business decision maker’s main objective is to satisfy clients’ needs and deliver on company promises. In order to do so effectively, a company needs to operate efficiently at all times. However, with companies increasingly facing a growing number of risks, both anticipated and uncontrollable, decision makers are taking strain and businesses are being adversely

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18 Oct

Can you afford to self-insure?

Being uninsured is actually the most expensive insurance you can get. All people with possessions are insured. However, some choose to self-insure and thus they carry the full premium risk. So it is relevant to ask: How do you choose to insure and what option can you actually afford in the event of a crisis?

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22 Sep

Prepare for the rain and hailstorm season

As we enter the summer season, we are reminding our customers to prepare for possible weather-related incidents. While it is difficult to anticipate when the first storm will hit, homeowners can put in place a few precautions for both hail and thunderstorms. This will help to safeguard people from injury and will also help alleviate

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22 Aug

Get the right insurance for your small business

Insurance is essential to protect your business assets and finances, but many business owners view it as a complicated and expensive responsibility. The good news is that you can insure your business cost-efficiently and without difficulty. But you need to choose the right insurer and cover that suits your pocket and business needs. Checklist for cover Let’s

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06 Jul

6 Insider Tips on Property Investment

There are two primary reasons why people invest in property: Buy to rent – once you have purchased the property, it is rented out to produce a rental income. Essentially you are looking for a trusty tenant to pay as much of the bond costs as possible that you have in place.    Buy to

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26 May

Is cheap insurance the right insurance for you?

They say ‘you get what you pay for’ which is why when it comes to car and home insurance cheaper is not always better. There are quite a few factors to consider when deciding on your short-term insurance provider and if you’re making this decision based solely on price, it could end up costing you more than you

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26 May

Tips and tools to deliver excellent customer service

In today’s heavily regulated industry, where more and more customers choose to buy insurance directly, it can be challenging to get the edge on competitors. Excellent customer service remains a failsafe technique to drive loyalty with your existing customers and to appeal to new prospects. According to Salesforce, 69% of customers would recommend a company to

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