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22 Feb

Howard John appointed as CEO of Brolink

Howard John has been appointed as CEO of Brolink. His predecessor, Clipstone Webber, who founded the business in 1994, has retired from day-to-day operations, but is still involved as executive chairman.

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20 Jan

Proper record keeping is vital for brokers

A recent case was brought to the attention of the Ombudsman for Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services following the apparent failure of a financial services provider or broker to update the sum insured under the business interruption section of a client’s short-term insurance policy. This once again highlights the importance for all insurance brokers to

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15 Dec

Brolink Long Service Awards

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our employees with their long years of service. We truly appreciate the commitment that you have shown to our company. It is an exceptional achievement – when so many years have been devoted consistently to hard work, cheerful cooperation & dedication. It is a record anyone

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02 Dec

Ten ways to lower home insurance costs

It’s better to be safe than sorry and so, when it comes to home insurance, this translates into “it’s better to pay a little for a while, than wait for something to happen and waste a ton of money at once”.

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22 Nov

Never underestimate hacker power

Cyber specialists and IT professionals are modern-day pioneers, whose daily challenge is not to underestimate the threat from hackers to data – the bedrock of the modern commercial world.

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18 Nov

Business risks increasing

A business decision maker’s main objective is to satisfy clients’ needs and deliver on company promises. In order to do so effectively, a company needs to operate efficiently at all times. However, with companies increasingly facing a growing number of risks, both anticipated and uncontrollable, decision makers are taking strain and businesses are being adversely

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18 Oct

Can you afford to self-insure?

Being uninsured is actually the most expensive insurance you can get. All people with possessions are insured. However, some choose to self-insure and thus they carry the full premium risk. So it is relevant to ask: How do you choose to insure and what option can you actually afford in the event of a crisis?

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