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26 May

Tips and tools to deliver excellent customer service

In today’s heavily regulated industry, where more and more customers choose to buy insurance directly, it can be challenging to get the edge on competitors. Excellent customer service remains a failsafe technique to drive loyalty with your existing customers and to appeal to new prospects. According to Salesforce, 69% of customers would recommend a company to

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17 May

The Legalities of Lift Clubs

With petrol prices creeping up, it’s a smart move to look for ways to save on transport bills. Carpooling has been a popular way to shave a tank or two off the monthly expense list, but there are some important issues that you have to address before you invite people to travel with you. Whether

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11 May

Investment Clues to Grow Wealth

If you are fairly new to investing and looking for some guidance or even if you are a seasoned investor there are 10 basic, yet timeless investment and saving rules you should live by. By incorporating these principles in your investment strategy you should be able to build a portfolio that will make you wealthy in

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05 May

Getting prepared for Interest Rate Hikes

It’s a cold world out there and you need to insulate yourself against the rising interest rates. Follow these budget tweaks to ensure you’re not left out in the cold this winter. Individuals who currently have a lot of debt are probably a little nervous in view of the latest increase in the interest rates.

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29 Apr

Cost Savers for Your Start-Up

How to save money in your small business In the current tough economic climate, everyone is attempting to tighten their belts – including small businesses. We know that you are feeling the pinch of rising fuel and food costs, which is why we are bringing you these survival tips to lower your expenses and improve

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21 Apr

Personal Insurance vs Commercial Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Personal Insurance vs Commercial Insurance: What’s the Difference? Like personal car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance covers you in the event of theft or damage to your car or truck after an accident. It also can include personal injury cover, medical cover, and third party cover for other vehicles that may be involved. Despite these similarities,

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11 Apr

How to Save on Your Tank

With fuel prices acting like a roller coaster it can be a challenge to budget for this daily expense. We have enjoyed a break from increases in the last few months due to low oil prices but now we have another upwards tick thanks to Budget 2016. If your tank holds 60 litres it is

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05 Apr

How your business can cope with water restrictions

Homeowners across South Africa are grappling with water restrictions during our biggest drought in over 20 years. But as a small business owner, you know that it’s even trickier to provide good customer service, maintain hygiene levels and stick to production timings when you have less water at your disposal. The good news is that

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23 Mar

5 Traits of successful entrepreneurs

Taking the first steps to start your own business can be difficult and there are certain traits that help entrepreneurs have a positive outlook and push through their toughest 1000 days. 606 South African entrepreneurs identified the following characteristics as being the most important to reach success: Coping with pressure Stress is a part of

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11 Mar

Know What to do During a Summer Flood

Summer months in South Africa means one thing – sporadic weather patterns. From excruciating heat when high humidity, to heavy rainfall and threat of hail. Insurance companies get a high number of queries regarding water damage. It is with this in mind that we want you to know what to do after a flood in

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